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Breitling Replica

Virtue No. Brands like Steinhart, and other "homage" watchmakers use the second virtue. It is a virtue that the reissue can't be mistaken for an original due to its obvious differences. Steinhart's name is enough for them, as an example. It also stops the original manufacturer from accusing the imitation company of being a fake.

Breitling Replica achieved this by using a larger case and the best luminous numerals applied on the market. The numerals are positioned proudly on the dial and have been cut precisely. They glow brilliantly. You can't confuse an M100 with an original. This homage is a tribute to the original, but it also shows a respect for that original.

Virtue No. The M100 is also distinguished from the original by virtue number 3. Cochrane chose to equip it with a strap that was not available in 1945. The originals were equipped with leather or cloth straps,breitling replica not over/unders. Note to all: Over/under straps are not NATO straps. NATOs or G10s are made of a nylon material that is a particular shade of gray. Period.) The M100 is fitted with a strap which makes it modern, since over/unders are still the most popular straps in use today. Revolution's M100 comes with its own strap.

Da Luca, a US-based strap manufacturer, has fitted the Breitling Replica M100 with an exclusive shell cordovan strap.


DaLuca Straps

Military Watch Strap


DaLuca Straps

Military Watch Strap 1 Piece


DaLuca Straps

Shell Cordovan Military Watch Strap


DaLuca Straps

Shell Cordovan One Piece Military Watch Strap


Virtue No. 4? It's a fantastic watch. It's only downfall is that you can't buy just one.Patek Philippe Replica You're not one of the 10 lucky Revolution readers.