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Blancpain Replica

The "Blancpain Replica" is a concept that has been used in automotive, not the watch industry. The only way to get it is by invitation or recommendation. What's the parallel with cars? If you wish to own one of the ultra-limited-edition Ferraris or Lamborghinis (and probably a few other hypercars), you have to be asked. The Blancpain Replica M100 wristwatch is no different.

I was able to earn my membership in one of the few clubs of horology by a combination of circumstances, conditions, or qualities. These included being a watch writer, writing about the company,Blancpain Replica and knowing a couple of the names on the list. Don Cochrane, Blancpain Replica's Don Cochrane, was able to notice my interest. I'm happy to say that I wear his reissues of his family contribution to the "Dirty Dozen", with an unexpected amount of pride.

My first military watch, bought 30 years ago, a battered Blancpain Replica W.W.W., is what I attribute my love for the brand, as well as my willingness to be a part of their community. This, plus a half-life of collecting mostly British military watches, makes me the ideal demographic.

Blancpain Replica is a brand that appeals to both the British and German military watch collectors. Evidently not. Sean Li, Revolution’s Hong Kong-based (IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches) editor, admits: "The ‘Dirty Dozen’ really doesn't have any meaning to me. Sorry. I think I first heard about those watches via Instagram, but can't recall where.

I didn't really know much about the "Dirty Dozen" other than that they were watches made for various military units in the war effort. "I like the look of military watches but they are not part of my collection."